About Us


To be a brand that makes a difference without saying "we are different", adds value to value, builds structures that are preferred by those who know how to choose and where the benefit is maximum and commercial concern is minimum.


The need for shelter, which is the most important need in the history of humanity; Transforming it into living spaces where you can "enjoy life" thanks to the safe and aesthetic buildings we have produced with a contemporary and innovative architectural understanding...

About Us

Service is the basis of human existence. For millions of years, the common thought in service is development and change. Developing, sharing and transferring knowledge, which is the basic rule of progress, also forms the basis of BDK Group Financial Consulting. BDK Group Financial Consulting works to serve humanity with its humanistic structure and to transfer knowledge to the future.

BDK Group Financial Consulting believes that the real estate and real estate-based financing sector will gain great importance in Turkey. Real estate-based sectors are indispensable parts of the world economy. The increase in the use of real estate as a financial resource in our country is the most important indicator that supports this idea. We see that foreign capital does not only purchase real estate, but also positions professional service companies in our country.

The main purpose of BDK Group Financial Advisory is to reach investment targets in the most accurate way by using the existing conjuncture resources in the most efficient way. BDK Group Financial Consulting, which set out with the motto "Investment is in safe hands" and believes in the power of domestic capital; By combining information and technology, it adds value to the investment.

As BDK Group Construction, we; We produce safe spaces that are compatible with the changing and developing city life, are environmentally friendly and can be lived in peace. We provide maximum satisfaction by contributing to the quality of life of individuals. By crossing our paths with the right solution partners, we use the most advanced technology and the most suitable materials in accordance with the requirements of the age, from design to architecture, from planning to production. We always provide the highest quality working conditions by conducting harmonious collaborations with our executive staff, personnel and solution partners. We know very well that; POWER comes from unity...

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